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Product photographer in Majorca

Finding the ideal product photographer for a company in Majorca can be a tedious task.

At Imagina Fotografía we specialize in product photography for advertising and catalogs: from large format printing the size of an entire wall to online stores with hundreds of items for sale, we are prepared for any photographic challenge.

As professionals, we share the same passion for a job well done: we know that behind a product there are years of dedication and effort, the constant improvement of a company to offer the best to its customers.

Your company also deserves the same care and, as photographers, we want to give you the best possible images.

Whatever product or service your company wants to promote, we will take care of portraying it in an elegant and suggestive way, valuing its unique characteristics to arouse the sensations you want among your customers.

We can build creative, fun – and provocative, if you wish – images for advertising campaigns that capture the public’s attention.

If you need to make a catalog with your entire product range, we also have a solution for you.

At Imagina Photography we work with high resolution digital cameras, professional photographic lenses and quality lighting equipment for faithful color reproduction.

Of course our tools are accompanied by a solid technique: We will take care of the lighting in detail for small items and food, while larger products such as furniture and vehicles will look even better in beautiful locations.

Majorca, the perfect scenery for your photos

There are many options besides the classic white background photography: being in Majorca is like having at your disposal a huge set of infinite scenarios.

From historic buildings to bold contemporary architecture, paradisiacal beaches and crystal clear Mediterranean waters, rugged mountain scenery or placid rural landscapes, the island offers a huge variety of incredible settings.

Among the tasks of a product photographer, is to know how to find the perfect place for a product to look amazing.

At Imagina Photography we offer a dedicated scouting and location scouting service in Majorca and beyond, to help your company choose the ideal setting for your catalog and advertising images.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized quote with no obligation.

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