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Event Photographer in Majorca

When organizing a business event, it is very useful to have professional photographers who are in charge of documenting it with quality images.

It is not just about ensuring the recording of the most important moments: the real work consists of recreating the atmosphere of the event, capturing photos that revive the feeling of being there.

Imagina Photography provides reporting on events in Palma and Majorca island. For the inauguration of a new commercial space, a conference, professional meetings, cultural activities and – why not? – company parties: Imagina Photography is at your disposal.

Our reports follow an original style, which combines three essential elements.

Portrait: the classic photographs of the participants, the first ones that your clients will ask for.

Atmosphere: Images not posed, but equally cared for, documenting all the important moments.

Details: Those elements that are often overlooked and yet are essential when making an unrepeatable event: “Show the invisible”.

As soon as possible (with a guaranteed delivery time) you will have all the photographs processed in digital format available. All files are already optimized for uploading to the web and social networks without losing quality. Of course you can also have the photos in an ideal size for printing.

As we said, each event is unique, and from Imagina Photography we offer a service that is as personalized as possible: from a cheaper service, for short-term initiatives, to complete coverage of events lasting several days. There are situations in which a single professional can control everything, and others in which it is better to have two photographers so that nothing escapes.

Of course, a video service is also offered, being able to count on the collaboration of professionals from the sector, who will be in charge of recording the most exciting sequences of the event.

Event photography highlights

Nassau Collection Launch

Quentin’s Bar Opening

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